Revolution A1

Revolution Race Cars are the new generation of high-performing sport prototype race cars. The open cockpit Prototype with modern safety technology gives you the LMP thrill without paying LMP prices.  

Engine Ford V6

Transmission 6speed 3MO

Safety cell Carbon fiber Monocoque

Body Carbon fiber

Halo Double Halo



UK-built lightweight Sport racer. The entry-level prototype race cars are easy to operate, offer high levels of performance, and easily produce the greatest smiles per dollar

Engine Suzuki Hayabusa

Transmission Suzuki Hayabusa

Safety cell Tube frame 

Body Fiberglass

Halo N/A

formula renault

Formula Renault are classes of formula racing popular in Europe and elsewhere. Regarded as an entry-level series to motor racing was a respected series where drivers can learn advanced race craft before moving on to higher formulas. 

Engine Renault

Transmission 6speed

Safety cell Carbon Monocoque

Body Carbon

Halo NO